About Our Management Team:




Yolanda could not be more excited to merge her two passions under one roof, innovative food and mind provoking theater. Yolanda is an actress/director/producer who has starred in dozens of films, stage and television shows. She has kept herself submerged in Utah's food industry by working with some of the best fine dining establishments in the valley as well as Utah's biggest beer bar where she became a licensed cicerone. She is also a regular volunteer server at St. Vicente's homeless shelter. Her mission is simple: to bring more work opportunities to the Utah actor while engaging the Utah audience in a fun, new and radical way.




Tara has spent much of her life pursuing the arts; acting (film, television, commercial, theater), music (piano, vocals), interior design and culinary crafts. She has trained with several well known coaches and directors in both Salt Lake City and Los Angeles for many years. She has spent the last 15 years focussed on opportunities in fine dining; learning and executing skills in event coordinating, party planning, fundraising, menu development, themed design, marketing and management. She is excited to combine her love of the arts and her passion for design & event planning to make RADICAL HOSPITALITY a success. She strongly believes that ART is an effective way to give voice to many issues that are not talked about in our communities - but should be. She is looking forward to building relationships with other like-minded individuals and organizations; specifically on behalf of teens, active duty and military veterans. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.



Jaron Kent Hermansen


Jaron is all about the arts. He is an award winning independent filmmaker, a designer for the theater and a freelance photographer. He has traveled the world with his art, studying in England and executing his designs in Scotland. Jaron studied Theatrical Design at Utah Valley University, where he now teaches lighting design courses and mentors the design students. He works around the state with productions both large and small. Creating designs for clients such as: Sundance Resort, Utah Valley University and The Waterford School. When Jaron was approached by Tara & Yolonda to join them in the venture that is Radical Hospitality, he was honored and excited. His ideals on art align perfectly with their vision; it's all about perspective. Having over 12 years in the local food industry and an extensive artistic background - it seems a perfect match.